This Open Enrollment period, choose an easier way to compare plans

Introducing GetMyMedicareInsured, the first online Medicare plan comparison tool designed specifically for pharmacies and their patients. Combining unmatched ease-of-use with financial opportunities, it's the comparison tool that's beyond comparison.

Start lowering your DIR fees.

Find better medication costs your patients will love.

Become the Medicare Expert Your Patients Can Trust

This year, over 62 million Americans will be eligible to enroll in Medicare or change their plans during Open Enrollment. And they need your help.

Patients who choose their own plans frequently make selections that aren’t in their best interest — or yours. Right now, 94% of Medicare plan beneficiaries are not on the most cost-effective plan for their medications. And the plans they’re choosing could likely result in higher DIR fees and increased financial burden for your pharmacy.

With GetMyMedicareInsured, you can help.

As the first Medicare comparison tool designed for pharmacies, GetMyMedicareInsured offers unmatched ease of use. You can quickly compare multiple plans side by side, tailoring comparisons to each individual patient using their patient data. You can see how each plan will affect patient out-of-pocket costs while also getting insight into how those same plans will financially impact your pharmacy.

Unlike and other software applications, GetMyMedicareInsured harnesses the latest advances in technology and software features for easier navigation, a better user experience, and more analytical insights. In short order, you can:

  • Decrease DIR fees and increase profits with targeted Medicare patient plan recommendations
  • Lower patient costs and drive customer loyalty; patients are 30% more likely to stay with a pharmacy who performs a plan comparison for them
  • Counsel patients over the phone while they follow along on their home computer with Navigate, our patient portal (included with Match)
  • Leverage our partner’s licensed insurance agents to save your staff time

Find success during this Medicare Open Enrollment period with GetMyMedicareInsured. We think you'll agree -- the value is beyond comparison.

Mitigating DIR Fees

Every year, pharmacies get hit with DIR fees that cut into profitability. In this webinar, we’ll show you how GetMyMedicareInsured can help you mitigate DIR fees with every patient you serve.

Preparing for Enrollment

Open Enrollment is a golden opportunity to build patient loyalty and pharmacy profitability. The key is preparation. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about Open Enrollment, so you can avoid difficulty and seize opportunity.

Adding Up the Benefits

Using GetMyMedicareInsured results in lower out-of-pocket costs for patients and higher net reimbursements for pharmacies. View our infographic to see just how much your patients can save, and your pharmacy can earn.

See What Current Customers Have to Say...

"FDS Amplicare takes the headache out of helping patients choose a Medicare plan. The best part is that I can accurately show customers how much money they'll spend on prescriptions throughout the year! This really helps customers get a realistic idea on costs, which allows them to make informed decisions about their own healthcare."
Hudson Drug Store
Bolivar, TN
"The website is user friendly and the reports that are generated to compare plans are easy to explain to patients. I like the feature of being able to add doctors to check if they are within network.”
Billy Cao
Gateway Medical Pharmacy, Portland, OR

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